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Internships Abroad

internships abroad

Where can I find international internship opportunities?

Students can find international internship opportunities through 3rd party providers or they may find some through the office of Career and Professional Development. Keep in mind that there may be additional program fees when working through a 3rd party provider, much like if a student was doing a summer study abroad program. 

Internship programs abroad can range from a couple weeks, to close to an entire semester, depending on the type of internship. 

CLICK HERE to view a list of internship program examples in the Global Portal

How do internships abroad work?

Internships abroad operate very similarly to internships in the states. The student would work for a company, office, or maybe even a governmental entity abroad, and receive internship credit for your major. However - internships options are very diverse depending on the type, major and location. 

How do I receive class credit?

It is REQUIRED that all internship programs are registered and approved in order to receive any credit. Programs can be registered on our 3rd Party/External Program Registration page. After the program is approved, the students will receive notification to complete course approval forms in the Global Portal prior to their departure that will ensure that their internship courses will fit into their program of study.

How do I receive financial aid?

Students will not receive any financial aid unless:
  1. The internship program is approved through OGE 
  2. The internship courses are approved into the student's course of study prior to departure
  3. The student notifies our office about their arrival at their internship location (In other words, financial aid will not be distributed until students arrive in their host country)
For more questions about internships abroad, feel free to contact OGE directly at and schedule a meeting with a study abroad adviser.