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Additional Travel Plans

Additional Travel Plans
Study abroad provides an incredible opportunity to see many different places in a short amount of time. However, if you intend to travel outside of your study abroad site (or a location not included in your program itinerary) - you are REQUIRED to register your additional travel plans with OGE.

This includes if you decide to do a day trip to a nearby city, or take a weekend trip to a nearby country.

Bottom line: If you intend on doing any additional travel that does not take place at your study abroad site - please register it with OGE. Look below to how to properly register your travel for different scenarios.


Students must register their additional travel plans within their study abroad application here in the Global Portal. Students will receive access to register additional travel after their application has been accepted.

Preferably, students should be able to add all additional travel plans at once. However, if you need to add additional locations not included in your Global Portal application, please contact OGE at so we can assist you in properly registering your travel. 


Similarly to if you were traveling in the same country, students must register their additional travel plans within their study abroad application in the Global Portal. 

However, we also require students to register for STEP if you are traveling outside of your host country for any reason. Students are already required to register for STEP while in their host country, and the same rule applies if you decide to travel outside of your host country for any reason. Read more about step on our page for Safety and Security.

Click here to Enroll in STEP