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Program Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy
There are generally two different program cancellation policies to keep in mind.
  1. If a student decides to withdraw from their program
  2. If Georgia Southern decides to cancel a program

Student Withdrawing from Georgia Southern Program

If a student is not accepted into the program for any reason, they will be refunded their program deposit.

However, once a student is accepted to a program, any payments made, including the program deposit and any other program payments following, are non-refundable. There are only very specific situations that a student may be refunded if they decide to no longer attend a program after they have already made payments, and those may be reviewed on a case by case basis. Keep in mind that the following situations are not eligible for refunds:

Situations Not Permitted for Refund
  • Student (or parent) changing their mind about attending the program
  • Flight cancellations/issues

Georgia Southern Program Cancellation

There may be a situation in which Georgia Southern decides to cancel a program due to low enrollment, health and safety concerns, among others. 

If Georgia Southern makes the decision to cancel a program, the students will be refunded their payments made up to the point of cancellation. However, Georgia Southern cannot refund the the 2.2% credit card transaction fee, if applicable. If a group flight has already been purchased with the payments, Georgia Southern will work with the airline to refund the flight money if possible. 

Georgia Southern is not able to refund any payments made to outside entities, including:
  • Personally scheduled flights (not included within the program)
  • Visa fees
  • Passport Fees
  • Personal fees
  • 2.2% credit card transaction fee
  • Any other fees not paid directly to Georgia Southern
If a specific study abroad program is cancelled, students may also have the opportunity to switch to a different study abroad program or future program, if available.

3rd Party/Non-Georgia Southern Program Cancellation

If a 3rd-Party/Non-Georgia Southern program is cancelled or if a student decides to withdraw from a 3rd party program, Georgia Southern will not refund any fees or dues made to the 3rd party organization. It is the student's responsibility to communicate and work with the 3rd party organization to see what their cancellation/refund policy is under the circumstances are if a student decides to withdraw or if the program is cancelled by the organization. 

Remember, the Office of Global Engagement is only able to negotiate or refund money that is paid directly to Georgia Southern.