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Course Registration

Course Registration


When Do I Register For Classes?

Registration will be completed prior to arrival on-campus. OGE registers students based on the courses listed in the exchange application. Your exchange advisor will work to help you finalize your course selections and placements to build a complete schedule, and register you for as many classes as possible before your arrival.

Students can search for courses with the Georgia Southern Course Search and can read more about majors offered with the University Catalog.

What if I don’t like my classes, or found something more interesting?  Can I change them?

Students will have limited opportunity to change their courses and schedule during the first week of the term. Changes are not always permitted after the first week of classes. 

Always make sure you ask your exchange advisor before you make any changes to your schedule. Students attending Georgia Southern on exchange must remain enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits hours at all times to meet your visa requirements.  Additionally, changes to your Georgia Southern courses can affect the credits you transfer back to your home institution.

How many credits will I take?

Most students at Georgia Southern will complete 12 – 15 credit hours during a term, or 4 -5 classes.  (This is the equivalent of earning 24-30 ECTS points, or roughly 60 CATS during a term.)

What do the course numbers mean?

Courses begin with an abbreviated version of their academic subject. (For example, POLS = Political Science)

See the breakdown of course numbers below:

Course Number Course Level Notes
Begins with 1 or 2
Example: 1101 or 2022
Completed during Freshman or Sophomore Year
  • Introductory courses
Begins with 3 or 4
Example: 3090 or 4050
Completed during Junior or Senior year.
  • Advanced courses
  • Courses beginning with a 3 or 4 often require significant previous study in that academic field in order to be successful.
Begins with a 5 or above
Example: Any 5000 course or higher
Graduate level courses
  • Graduate courses are not available to exchange students
  • 5000 level courses may have exceptions pending department and advisor approval.

Course example: MKTG 3132 is a Marketing course taught at the Junior level.

What will my classes be like?

Georgia Southern offers a variety of different classes and a large number of academic subjects

You may experience lectures and laboratory courses, all which will encourage you to participate, express your opinions, and actively involve yourself in the class, as these are typical expectations in the U.S. classroom

All classes are taught by professors and are usually smaller with 25-35 students.

How will I be graded?

Final course grades at Georgia Southern are assigned using A, B, C, D, and F.  

Grades of  ‘A’ are the highest, and indicate excellent work and mastery of the class material, and an ‘F’ indicates a failing grade.  These are the grades that will appear on the final transcript issued to you by Georgia Southern.  

If your home institution use percentages for final grades and you are in need of these, please contact OGE so we request a final percentage grade from your professors.

How will I receive my Georgia Southern transcript?

Each student will have an official copy for their transcript sent from Georgia Southern to their home institution.  This process will be facilitated by the Office of Global Engagement at the completion of their studies.  

OGE will only send one official copy of the transcript. If at any point a student needs additional copies of their official transcripts, they may request them through the Office of the Registrar.