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Immunizations & Health Insurance

Immunizations& Heath Insurance

All students enrolling in Georgia Southern University are required to show proof of immunizations. Print the immunization forms and ask your health care provider to fill out your immunization history. You will submit your immunization forms to the Department of Health Services on campus.

Click here to read more about immunizations and access the forms.

Student Health Insurance Plan

In order to meet federal requirements, the University System of Georgia requires all international and exchange students to purchase health insurance. Thus, All exchange students are required to purchase the University System of Georgia Student Health Insurance Plan. Students will be automatically billed after registration every semester.

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) for the fall semester must be paid for in August and provides coverage from August through December.  Health insurance coverage for the Spring semester must be paid in January and runs from January through July.

Each semester period (fall and spring/summer) you will need to either enroll in, or waive out of, the USG SHIP through the United Healthcare-Student Resources Georgia Southern MyAccount online program.

During orientation we will discuss how to use this health insurance plan in the event that you require medical attention.

Health Insurance Waiver

Students may only request to waive out of the USG SHIP policy if their personal insurance meets the minimum requirements listed HERE.  Students, though, should be cautioned that health insurance plans based out of other countries are not always easy to use or accepted everywhere in the U.S.
  If a students is here for more than one semester, they must apply for a health insurance waiver every semesterOtherwise, SHIP will automatically be billed to their account.