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Scholarships and Financial Aid

Scholarship and Aid


1. Global Portal Scholarships ​​Directly managed by the Office of Global Engagement.

Click here to view and apply for Global Portal Scholarships
2. Georgia Southern Scholarship Portal Offered through donors listed through the MyScholarship portal on your MyGeorgiaSouthern account. 

You can search for Study abroad/Travel scholarships by typing "study abroad", "travel", or other related key-words into the search bar. You should automatically apply for these scholarships by completing the MyScholarship application.

3. Scholarships through external resources

This article from GoAbroad.Com may be helpful when researching different types of study abroad scholarships.

You can also view the examples of scholarship databases below:

Examples of External/3rd party Scholarship Databases

As long as the courses you take during your study abroad program fit within your program of study, you will still generally receive your financial aid. This includes HOPE, Zell Miller, federal loans, etc.

Keep in Mind:
  • Scholarships like HOPE and Zell Miller only apply to tuition and fees. Thus, if you are doing a study abroad program with a "program fee" in addition to your tuition and fees, you must either find additional scholarships to cover those costs or pay out of pocket. Depending on your study abroad program, you may also pay for your own airfare.
  • Exchange programs with our partner universities do not have a program fee. You would pay tuition and fees as though you were attending Georgia Southern and as long as your courses fit within your program of study, financial aid should carry through like normal.
  • Know that OGE and the Office of Financial Aid must verify your enrollment status before your financial aid and scholarships can be disbursed, so there may be some expenses you must pay up front (like airfare) and be reimbursed later.
  • Finally, some forms of financial aid are distributed only during fall and spring semesters (Ex: some federal loans), so that may be important to consider when comparing summer versus semester programs. 
If you are unsure about how your financial aid will apply or have general questions about financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.