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3rd Party/External Program Registration

3rd party Programs

While Georgia Southern directly works with hundreds of study abroad programs - there are still hundreds of thousands study abroad programs out there for students to participate in. If a student doesn't see a program on the Global Portal that they are interested in, they may search for other programs through a multitude of 3rd party study abroad program providers. 

If a student decides to apply through 3rd party program provider, we require that all students register their program with the link above so OGE can keep track of their travel. While OGE will not be coordinating the program directly, we can still touch base and contact you about any notifications, concerns or changes we have from Georgia Southern. 

OGE also highly recommends scheduling an advising meeting before committing to a 3rd party or external programs to ensure that you are taking the right steps with the study abroad process, as well as ensuring you will participate in a reputable program. 

***Keep in mind that many 3rd party providers may ask for additional application fees and are generally more costly than a Georgia Southern program. 

Please see the list below for examples of 3rd Party Study Abroad Providers: